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Ombra, the festival that brings together analogical music, history and the avant-garde, is back. 

Trisomie 21, Psyche, Dive, Fasenuova and Years Of Denial, are among the first confirmations for this second edition, that will take place on the 29th and 30th November in Barcelona.

Barcelona, 9th July. - It is definitely a good moment for the Barcelona music scene, 

especially for the scene which backs sounds that are usually confined to the fringes of mainstream and fashion and one which has an endless pool of talent and a faithful audience.  In this stimulating context we situate Ombra, a project that was born of the union of WeAreWe and Oráculo Records, with the objective of creating a space for lovers of analogical and avant-garde sounds that do not fit in with the current cultural scene.  Now, the festival is announcing its second edition that will take place on 29th and 30th November in three venues of Barcelona:  Utopia 126, Razzmatazz and Wolf Club.

At its first and small edition in 2018 the festival made its intentions clear:  Ombra is a festival that is focused on darkwave and synthwave tendencies and on experimental industrial music.  It is an event that is on the fringes of prevailing trends and which prioritises quality in order to ensure a better experience for music lovers

For this second edition, Ombra will be divided into two sections.  The daytime section, Ombra by day, that will take place in Utopia 126, a modernist one-time factory located in Poble Nou, which through its sober aesthetic and classical architecture reflects the philosophy of the festival and its relationship with music.  The night-time section, Ombra by night, will take place in Razzmatazz and Wolf Club, two venues located in the same neighbourhood to make it easier to move between the two programmes.

The first 16 confirmations for the line up could not be more exciting:  from the revisiting of EBM by the German band Die Selektion to the formidable sound of Parrish Smith.  Also, featuring in the varied line up there is the legendary French formation, Trisomie 21 which needs no introduction being the world flag bearers of cold wave, a genre that comes from post-punk and embraces electronic instrumentation.  The Cure, The Durutti Column and Joy Division pervade their melancholic atmospheres and with 25 years of career under their belt, the Lomprez brothers are still very much active, producing music and doing numerous tours. 

The presence of Psyche is also newsworthy, one of the most famous Canadian bands with a sound that is influenced by British pioneers such as Gary Numan and Fad Gadget while at the same time moving closer to the darkwave aesthetic. Another name to highlight in this first batch of artists is Dive, a veteran on the Belgian scene, who has been a member of bands including Absolute Body Control and The Klinikin in the eighties.

The presence of Fasenuova was a foregone conclusion at a festival with these parameters, being one of the most respected names on the national underground scene, and the same goes for Years Of Denial, the young duo formed by Jerome Tcherneyan and Barkosina Hanusova that uses modular synthesisers and industrial rhythms to create dramatic atmospheres. 

 Ombra Festival has already released its first batch of Early Bird tickets, whilst waiting for the confirmation of new names after the summer.